Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Brow routine feat: Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow, Maybelline brow drama and colour tattoo 24hr eyeshadow

I recently posted a picture of my seasonal change in makeup. The usual trends in makeup come around every season, just get named differently. We know that for this season spring/summer 15 that Inky black eyes and pretty nudes, pinks and peaches will be on the rise, but a trend that has carried on for a least three, if not maybe four seasons is the strong brow look. This look, if anything is getting bolder, and looks like a trend that will be staying. We are told its makes you look youthful. This was confirmed for me when recently I posted a picture of my new brow-age and was told by one of my friends it was like looking at my nine year old daughter. Result indeed. So I decided to embrace this look fully this season as I am no one" hit wonder kind of girl".

"So what" you may think and I would normally agree, but on this occasion I have something to confess, I have been wearing my eyebrows the same way for the last twenty years! From the moment makeup started to come into my life at the tender age of fourteen. The trend in the early 90's was to shave or over pluck the ends of your eyebrows and then pencil the rest in a thin strong line!  Yes it was as hideous as it sounded. If any self respecting thirty-something will know if you did that, then growing them back into their bushy virginal state is no easy task.

Where do we go from here? Do not fret my darlings I have taken on the laborious task of hunting for products to give us this youthful brow. My problem has always been that brow pencils have always had too much red tone in them. They needed to have more ash tone in them to look truly natural. So, I always stuck to shadows, any matte shadow which had a ash base tone too it would do the job. I always preferred matte shadows by MAC in the shades Omega,Brun,Wedge,and Concrete, they seemed to give a more natural, long lasting finish. Then a brand called Anastasia Beverley Hills brought out the brow wiz, excellent long lasting waxy product but still didn’t give the "natural" filled in look that I wanted. Then Anastasia Beverley Hills brought out Dipbrow Pomade!!  It boasts "The ultimate choice for perfectly precise brows, Dipbrow Pomade has a smudge free, creamy formula which glides effortlessly onto the skin and adheres to the brow hairs for optimal definition. Perfect for oily skin and humid climates, Dipbrow Pomade can be used as a brow definer or eyeliner and provides luxurious colour and sculpture". This product literally sang to me! It was everything I was looking for and more. It doesn’t disappoint, it does exactly what you want it to do. Gives you beautifully natural brows.

Products Used
My brow routine now is as follows : I add the extra hairs with my Anastasia Beverley hills dipbrow pomade in the shade medium brown, or Maybelline color tattoo 24hr cream shadow in the shade permanent taupe with a MAC 266 angled brush, as this gives you the look of thin hairs, I then brush through with Maybelline Brow Drama gel in the shade blonde. I stumbled across this little beauty a few months back and much prefer it to any other brow gel I have tried. The brush applicator in itself is a triumph! A brow gel really is a must to tame any stray hairs and to keep all your hardwork in place.  I do sound a little Maybelline obsessed at the moment, but recently they have produced some great products and at reasonable prices.

There you have it, my step nearer to looking abit younger, well I hope!

The Finished Result

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have a particular brow routine or a brow product you enjoy using, let me know.

Love Nay x

* Disclaimer- I have not be paid to advertise any products in this post, I just like to share.

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