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Make up brushes, are they worth the hype? feat Real technique make up brushes

I was looking over some of my old wedding photos, yes they are nearly twelve years old, thats old right? It still pains me when I look at them, as I am barely wearing any make up, eek!. Before I became a make up artist I did not use any brushes! Actually writing this, sends a shiver down my spine. I always had a love for make up and knew the basics, but always felt my clothes should speak louder than my face, as at that time I was working in the fashion industry, so I decided to keep my make up very natural. Then a perfect opportunity arose to train as a make up artist, it was only then that I realized what I had been missing out on.

The truth be known our fingers can do many jobs that a make up brush can do, but the brush has the upper hand. "Blend,blend,blend" the mantra still rings in my ears from the lovely Pablo R, a senior make up artist with M.A.C while I was attending a Bridal make up course. You can only achieve that kind of perfection with a brush. If you were like me and had no clue on which brushes you could skip and which you must have, then you have come to the right place.

1. Foundation brush- Must Have
2. Concealer -Skip
3. Bronzer- Must Have
4. Blusher -Skip
5. Eyebrow -Must Have
6. Eye shadow -Must Have
7. Powder/face brush -Skip

My personal budget brushes are the *Real techniques make up brushes. They do cater for all needs. The brushes are outstanding quality for the price and can easily rival my more high end brushes. Over the last few years I have obtained  a modest amount (see picture) but I have also selected my 'must haves' for any discerning make up wearer.

Modest collection!!
Expert face brush

1. RT expert face brush perfect for blending cream and powder foundation, by using circular motions on the skin you get a perfect pixel finish. I also use this brush when applying cream highlighter and cream blush, but be aware as the bristles are tightly packed together, which makes the brush denser, so be light handed when applying these products, for there is endangerment of looking like a clown!

2. RT complexion face sponge   is my new love!. This sponge is woefully underrated for the finish it can give. If you have heard of the Beauty blender, which is a whopping £17.00. This little beauty, does if not, a better job for just £5.99. I use this sponge to apply foundation by pressing into the skin, (not dragging it across the face which the 'how to' video shows you) under eye concealer, applying powder to set foundation by once again pressing into the skin, cream highlighter, cream blush and even pushing a little bit of lipstick onto the lips for a more natural look.

3. RT setting powder brush I use this to set any powder product, or if I want to touch up my concealer over the course of the day, because it is a smaller brush, you can be more precise where you want to place your powder or cream product. Great little brush and fits very nicely in your hand bag or baby bag!
Setting powder brush

4. RT eyes shadow brushes   they are all super brushes. They blend out eye shadow like a dream and wash up beautifully, looking brand new each time.

Collection of some of the Real technique eye shadow brushes

5. RT bold metals powder brush 300  you always need to have a fluffy powder brush in any make up bag arsenal! you can use it to apply powder, bronzer, blusher, and powder highlighter, or when you have those days when you may have been a little heavy handed with the blush or bronzer to buff away any mistakes.

So there it is, do we really need brushes for everyday make up application? well yeah, but not a 101, I think that as I've shown,  just a few in your make up bag can really make a difference to your every day make up look.

Have you tried any of the Real Technique brushes? Which one is your favorite? Have you tried any other budget brand brushes and found them to be just as good? Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

Love Nay x

*Disclaimer- I have not been paid to advertise any brands or products mentioned above, I just like to share.

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