Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hair care routine with Tigi Hair Reborn

As I woke this morning hearing the north westley wind whipping around our house, it occurred to me that spring had definitely not "sprung" yet. Alas, my hair of late had not either. It was in serious need of some TLC.  Since having my third baby my hair has not seemed to have recovered from A: the shock of falling pregnant for the third time, B: the riggers of pregnancy, looking after two young children, working, and all the other joys that family life brings and C: all the above. With having the heating on constantly ("curse this draughty old house") and with the British weather adding its pennies worth, I was in need of pampering.

My attention was turned to a new product that we had recently received in the Salon. We had finally taken the plunge and invested in *TIGI Hair Reborn Luxury Treatment haircare range, but I had yet to dip my toe in the more luxurious home care conditioning treatments. As for most working mums time is crucial so this kind of pampering can be overlooked, but with TIGI Hair Reborn it provides a spa experience with their home care conditioning treatments.

I chose to try the TIGI Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy or the "orange one" as I fondly refer to it in the salon. The packaging is luxurious, and would fit in well on a dressing table or proudly displayed on a bathroom shelf. A smell of a product is a big deal for me, and this product does not disappoint. The product boasts to have black orchid opulent floral, blended with Jasime, Tuber Rose and Tiare flowers from Polynesia. The title itself was enough to attract me "Repartive, Nocturnal Therapy" It treats advanced signs of damage while you rest. Anything that works that hard while I sleep deserves a chance!.
Directions state to " emulsify 2-3 pumps in hands and apply midlengh to ends on dry hair prior to bedtime". The consistency is thick yet not gunky and their are little sparkly flecks, which to me just adds that little bit of glamour, which has been so lacking in my life of late. When I had 'emulsified' or rubbed into my hands, I smoothed the product onto my hair, washed my hands, but a strange thing happened, my hands were incredibly soft!  The smell is like you have been transported to a day spa and that the pampering had only just begun . I diligently followed the instructions and was looking forward to being awoken to a glossy mane. The reality was quite different. It was lank,and somewhat greasy looking, then I recalled to shampoo and condition, which i did immediately.

Upon drying my hair the results could be seen and felt straight away. I was really thrilled with how glossy, nourished and soft my hair felt. That kind of result for minimal effort certainly gets my vote. That's why this product will be staying on my bathroom shelf for the foreseeable future.

I hope you enjoyed this little review, let me know if you have any good haircare products that you are loving at the moment i would love to hear from you :)

Love Nay x

* I have not been sponsored for this review, I just like to share!

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