Friday, 24 July 2015

My penchant for Pinstripes

 I think it is fair to say I have taken quite a shine to Pinstripes. Its been more of a recent thing as I have only recently loss most of my baby weight from last year. As I carry most of my weight 'up top', I always kept away from stripes in general. Anything that enlarges an area more than needs to be, gets a big fat cross in my book. I have always loved the Briton look, but recently stripes have got thinner and this opens up this style to a bigger audience. These have been my three top tops! (the striped top with the peter pan collar, ran in the wash and was completely ruined,,so unfortunately I couldn't take any more pictures of it.)

New look White pinstripe grandad collar roll sleeve shirt
This shirt is such a great all rounder. the fabric is incredibly soft and I like the way it hangs on the body. I wear this with overalls (dungarees),black shorts,denim shorts,black jeans and a pencil skirt. I can wear this tucked in for a more formal look or pulled out over jeans and shorts for a casual feel.

  New look White pinstripe Bardot Neck 3/4 Sleeve
My next choice is a cute Bardot style top. This is abit of a risk taker for me, as I am practical and I can imagine this being an annoying top if you are chasing a toddler around all day, and it constantly rides up. I thought I would save this top to wear when I have those precious moments when I am without my little darlings, The top has this elasticated line around the neck line and it does stay put as long as you don't gesture wildly. So when I wear this, I make sure I am disciplined with my hand movements. So you may being saying to yourself "why are you wearing it then", well I can tell you it is worth the struggle. It is a breathable fabric and a very cool feeling to it which makes it perfect for summer. It is very versatile top and can be worn for formal and casual, which works for me.

My last piece is a striped tee from H&M. I could not find this on their website, but if you have ever been on H&M's website you will know what I mean. This is a lovely tee and has washed really well. I love wearing this as it is a great staple to have in your wardrobe. I am sure there will be plenty more popping up in our leading brands.

So these are my three pinstripe tops. Lets not beat around the bush here, I know three is not that many, but for me it is HUGE. I never buy the same thing in two different colours just because I like it, as I love having variety in my wardrobe. So what piece of clothing have you enjoyed wearing lately? Are stripes your thing? I would love to hear from you.

Love Nay x

Disclaimer- I have not been paid to mention any products above, I just like to share.


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