Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My lazy girls guide to using St Tropez Gradual Tanning in the shower

So I recently posted a picture of the St Tropez gradual tan in shower on my Instagram account, and was interested on how it would work for me, as I had heard so many mixed reviews on this product. The first thing that puts me off is the three minute wait while you are in the shower. The first time I used this, the three minute wait felt like an age!. Who really has an extra three minutes to stand there while the tanning properties do their work??  Not one to be beaten, I thought I could not be the only one with this dilemma. I have put together a lazy girls guide to having a very well organized and productive shower.

First, I always wash my hair, normally twice with TIGI Hair Reborn Awaking range or the orange one as I like to call it. I then will massage the TIGI Hair Reborn Awaking conditioner, which will be rebuilding my protein levels within my hairs cortex and adding strength and vitality, what more can you ask for??. Then I comb through the mid length to ends with a large tooth comb, while the conditioner does its thing, I wash my body with Imperial Leather Skinkind Hydrating body wash. I never used to give it much thought about what body wash I used, with having five people in the house, it would go down so quickly, but I was finding that my skin was so dry and parched after a shower, that I was slathering so much moisturiser to counter act the dryness. Then it occurred to me maybe I should try a more moisturising wash and since then it has halved my use of body moisturisers. I then use a body scrub, I have been using Botantics Mediterranean eden invigorating body scrub over my body, but concentrating mostly on knees and elbows. I then shave anywhere that needs it. (unfortunately I threw out the Botantics body scrub, because I had finished it and I thought I had taken a photo, but I hadn't argh!)

My last part which utilizes the time best is now. I turn the shower off, apply the St Tropez Gradual Tan over my body in circular motions to get a more even coverage, wash your palms and then comes the waiting zzzz, but now you can scrub your face, no not any more. I use Clinque 7 day scrub cream as you can tissue this off, then apply your face mask, at the moment I have been using Aromatherapy Hydrating Rose face mask, I applied this over my face and neck. I got this as a free sample, but when you read the write up about this product, it is packed with so much goodness, you can even place the product around your eyes, which I have never been able to do with a mask.. This is a very moisturising, rehydrating mask, and brings life back to your skin. By this time two minutes have gone by. Then give your hair another comb through to really work the last parts of your conditioner and Bam! Three minutes is up and you can now rinse everything off!

So this is how I have been using the St Tropez gradual tan in the shower. Once I had this down it didn't feel like a long time and I was really pleased with the initial results. Its gives a wonderful glow, with no offensive tan smell, and gave a nice subtle colour to my English rose skin. If you want a darker tone just use it every time you shower and it builds perfectly over time. I would recommend this product if you are new to tanning, it was so simple to use and it the results were very pleasing. I wanted to show a picture but every time I edited it, the tan didn't show enough on camera, because I am SO white, but if I had used it a few more times, it would of shown much more.

Have you used this product yet? What do you think? I would love to hear your comments.

Love Nay x

Disclaimer- I have not been paid to mention any products above, I just like to share.

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